Fuel Station Software

Petro Mitra (Cloud-based/Online) is a Complete Accounting & Inventory Software for Fuel Stations in India. It is the most important, efficient Fuel Management Software which aims to manage Fuel Station and grow Fuel Station business as well.

This Software covers nearly all the functionality of a Fuel Station from Meter Reading to Lubricant Sales, Credit Sales, DIP stock v/s Actual stock, Density, Tank wise stock and lot more…

Some Salient Features of Petro Mitra Software

  • Data Access and Reports Anytime, Anywhere
  • Data on Fully Secured Dedicated Server
  • Personalised Dashboard for Pump Owners and Credit Customers
  • Mobile App for Operators to do daily credit sales
  • Mobile App for Credit Customers
  • Mobile App for Credit Customers
  • More...

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